Planning your career is one of the most important investments you can make and it deserves full attention and focus.

Take time to evaluate your career path so far and set some professional goals for the next six to nine months.

Take stock

Did you accomplish or exceed some of your professional goals last year? Make a list of your work accomplishments and write down why and how you were successful.  2020/2021 have been unusual years to say the least but with challenges there will also be opportunities.

Update your CV

Add your accomplishments to your CV – this not only keeps it fresh but ensures you are keeping up to date with your sector. For example, did you complete an advanced modelling course on Excel or help with a systems implementation or perhaps you have started Tax exams or completed CPD courses. All these little relevant details are worth noting.

Decide your goals for the coming year

If you achieved your goals easily last year then you should decide whether you should stay in your current job or look for opportunities elsewhere. Remember, it can be rewarding to look for opportunities within your current organisation but also venturing out into the market can also confirm if the grass is greener elsewhere.

Evaluate your salary and remuneration

Salaries are starting to rise after many years stagnation. Are you ensuring you are getting the market rate for your skills and experience? Do other professionals get additional benefits that your company doesn’t offer? Gathering timely and accurate information can help you negotiate or leverage your package based on market conditions improving.

Keep learning

Learning is not all about sitting exams or being classroom based. It could be developing your network, increasing your visibility in your current organisation or getting involved with new business areas. Keeping your skills up to date is vital in the job market. So when possible, find the time to go to seminars that are relevant to your sector or perhaps ask someone who you highly regard in your sector to be your mentor so that you can use their skills and experience to help you develop yourself.

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